2023 was a good press year for artists we work with and for browngrotta arts. 2024 is off to a good start, too! Below are some highlights.

Neha Puri Dhir featured  in Elle Decor

The first week of January, Elle Decor covered the Young Collectors Global Weekend and featured the work of Neha Puri Dhir, observing that it “encapsulates a sophisticated sensibility”

selvedge feature James Bassler and Eduardo Portillo and Mariá Dávila

The next week, the selvedge blog reported on the Threaded Visions: Contemporary Weavings from the Collection exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago in Illinois. The blog featured images of James Bassler’s A Weaving and White Dwarf by Eduardo Portillo and Mariá Dávila.

Masakazu Kobayashi’s retrospective in Kyoto, Japan, Masakazu Kobayahsi and his Contemporaries — Beyond Fiber Art (through March 10, 2024) was featured in the ETN online newsletter  this month.

Fern Jacobs feature article basketry+

In the Fall 2023/Winter 2024 issue of basketry+the cover story Pushing Boundaries,” by Barbara Delaney, pp. 2-7, featured on Ferne Jacobs. “Jacobs doesn’t want her work to be ‘pretty,'” Delaney wrote. “She hopes it’s interesting to others, take it has life and breath, and she will take risks to make that happen. She doesn’t want to be predictable either,…Her art shows that she definitely is not.”

Glen Kaufman article in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot

https://browngrotta.com/artists/glen-kaufmanThe Winter 2023 issue of Shuttle, Spindle & Dyepot featured an article by Rhonda Brown, Glen Kaufman: An Art Odyssey, pp. 42-47.

ETN Conference

In March 2023, Eduardo Portillo and Mariá Dávila, lectured at “Codes: Stories in Textiles.” the European Textile Network conference in Lodz, Poland. In February, their work, Oceanica, was featured in the ETN online newsletter announcing the conference.

The Summer 2023 issue of NBO’s basketry+ featured Jeannet Leenderste in an artist profile, “Capturing Place in a Basket,” by Noelle Foye. The author, wrote about Leenderste’s experiments in making baskets with seaweed. “Leenderste loves to experiment and see where an idea might take her. Not knowing how to construct a basket simply meant an opportunity to play and explore in the studio.”

Simone Pheulpin on the cover of  Artemorbida

ArteMorbida profiled Simone Pheulpin in a cover article in July 2023 by Maria Rosaria Roseo.

ETN covers Włodzimierz Cygan solo exhibition

The ETN online newsletter reviewed Włodzimierz Cygan’s solo exhibition in Latvia, “At own pace,” in June. The article reported that Cygan loves experimentation with fiber optics within textile art trying to link the permanence of textile materials and a continuous change of the light.

artemorbida acclaim article

browngrotta arts’ Acclaim! exhibition garnered press coverage including an article in Arte Morbida’s April issue by Rhonda Brown, “In and Out of Favor Fiber Art Persisted: The Rewards of Recognition,” (pp. 45-51) and one in selvedge magazine’s online blog in April 2023.

olga-de-amaral in selvage