Among the artists whose work will be included in Paperworks: material as medium, at the Flinn Gallery of the Greenwich Public Library (May 10th – June 21st) is Grethe Wittrock. Using ancient techniques to create contemporary work, Wittrock’s meditative process of repetition allows her to create simple, strong, poetic works of art. She handweaves, knots and braids thousands of strings of silk, gold and paper yarn, custom dyed in Japan. “[Textiles’] softness and flexibility and the way you can shape it, either as a fabric or a yarn, appealed to me,” Wittrock says. “Structures, texture and surfaces are essential to my work and textile can play these roles.” Wittrock’s work has been exhibited through-out the world in cities such as Copenhagen, London, Munich, Hong-Kong, Paris, Sao Paolo and Kyoto. She has won numerous international awards and in 2001 she received a prestigious three-year grant from the Danish Art Foundation. During the 1990s she produced a paper-based clothing line and large-scale commission works for companies and institutions.