Art Greenwich exhibit

Three art events worth visiting in Greenwich, Connecticut: Docked at Delamar Greenwich Harbor this weekend is the floating exhibition, Art Greenwich on the luxury yacht, Seafair

Marko Remec’s tower of Bible pages at Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery

We attended the Art Greenwich opening last night and got an eyeful. The participating galleries feature work by contemporary artists in all media including paintings, photography, sculpture, installations and video. Among the artists whose work is displayed are Jasper Johns, Louise Nevelson and Chuck Close.

Lin Yan Gray City #4, Amy Simon Gallery

We’ve got works  of paper in our sites for obvious reasons and we found several interesting works, including Chris Perry’s Ripple, at the the Brenda Taylor Gallery, Marko Remec’s intriguing tower of Bible pages at Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery and Gray City #4 by Chinese artist, Lin Yan, who has been inspired by Obama’s call to rebuild America “…block by block, brick by brick, calloused hand by calloused hand,” at the Amy Simon Gallery. The Seafair is open until 7 p.m. on Monday.



Chris Perry’s Ripple, at the the Brenda Taylor Gallery

Paperworks: material as medium, which features more than 80 works, remains open today at the Flinn Gallery in the Greenwich Library just up the hill from the Seafair,   until 5 p.m.,and again beginning next Tuesday, May 29th through June 21st. For more information, call: 203-622-7947. Finally, as you travel Greenwich Avenue between these exhibitions, check out the retail locations featuring works by 131 artists as the city celebrates its 15th Art to the Avenue.

PAPERWORKS: Material and Medium at the Flinn gallery