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jiro-yonezawa-bondsbrowngrotta arts has been promoting contemporary art textiles and fiber sculpture through exhibitionss, lectures and publications for 30+ years. We represent the work of more than 90 artists from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Israel, Australia and the UK, some of whom we hope will join us on arttextstyle.

Tom Grotta and Rhonda Brown

Tom Grotta and Rhonda Brown

Behind browngrotta arts are co-curators Tom Grotta and Rhonda Brown, art associate Roberta Condos and occasional gallery assistant, Carter Grotta. browngrotta arts has produced 40 catalogs on contemporary textile art, featuring Tom’s photographs and design and Rhonda’s editorial oversight. The twenty-first catalog, Art of Substance, won an American Graphic Design award. Tom graduated from RIT with a fine arts degree in photography. He has been recognized for his extensive knowledge of contemporary art textiles and fiber sculpture and for his photography of fiber art. He has lectured on these subjects at museums and art programs in New York, California, Hawaii and elsewhere. Grotta’s art photographs are included in several private collections, that of the Museum of Modern Art in Portugal and in The Grotta House by Richard Meier, published by Rizzoli in 2007. Rhonda is a lawyer who worked as a writer and editor in a previous career. She is the co-author of Making Room: Strategies for Small Spaces. In her current career, she works as an attorney for a publishing company in Manhattan, and parttime at browngrotta arts, managing editorial for the catalogs, the website, browngrotta.com, the firm’s Facebook page and arttextstyle. The views and opinions expressed in this blog are the personal views of Rhonda and Tom and our guest bloggers. arttextstyle does not represent the views or opinions of Rhonda’s other employer, Macmillan.


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  1. I’m Monica Londono I’m an artist, I love this page, and all the artists on it.
    I would like to be part of it some day.
    My website is http://www.monicalondono.com
    I would feel honored if you take a look of it.

    Thank you.

    Monica Londono.

  2. Zia Gipson says:

    I wiah I had known about the “contemporary art influenced by..”. exhibition coming up. I work in joomchi, an ancient textile tradition. Presently in Korea for the 2016 Bojagi Forum where my work is featured in exhibition…

    See my joomchi at ziagipson.com


  3. Marc Vermette says:

    The “Still Crazy After All Theses Years 30 years in Art” is fabulous. Congratulations to the Curators.
    The was more than worth coming from Calgary to see this beautiful venue.


  4. Your site is really interesting and can discover a wide variety of artistic expression with the textile Congratulations to the Curators.
    I am a French artist and I work in a region where the finest French silk textiles were made, with weaving on Jacquard looms.
    I sometimes work from these textiles but I also realize many objects, sculptures with traditional embroidery that presented the great French painting. I invite you to look at my site that shows these hybrid objects, with volumes in wood and volumes made with these ancient textiles with flamboyant colors. I also work on more minimalist works in which texts are embroidered.. I submit my artist website.
    Best regards
    Dominique Torrente

  5. Sue says:


  6. Nika Nuova says:

    Hi, I am a textile artist based in Rome. I really like your approach to working with artists: the way you select authors and their work. Also, I admire many of the artists who have been presented on your page. I would like to become a part pf this community. You can find my works on my website.
    Best regards,

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